Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Setting Take 2

Ok, so gone are the Halloween table decorations and onto the more colorful Thanksgiving decor we go.  Here is my latest Thanksgiving table thought.

Here is a before picture of a table setting path I decided not to go down,

Yeah it kinda of... for lack of a better word... sucked.

Then I decided to go for a more colorful display!

I filled a tall glass container with gourds, water, and fall colored flowers.

Above I filled another glass container with oranges for color, and below the green leaves are Impatient cuttings.  The cool thing is they will sprout roots in the water and I can plant them when I am finished using them for a table display. Then I used mums and carnations, all in a wine glass.

I ran a piece of brown postal paper down the center of the table for a runner, and scattered paper leaves in fall colors and gourds around the table for a Thanksgiving Theme

Below, I changed out my pillows for fall colors, and used orange, browns, and creams for my place settings.


~Renew Redo~

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