Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love These Looks - Weathered Wood

Ok, so I have projects working, as usual, but nothing post ready yet.  So I thought I would put up a couple of my inspiration photos.  Aged, weathered, and worn wood, looks sooo pretty

Image via The Found Blog
Love this painted table looking aged and well used.  I also love the fabric on these chairs.
Image via Flickr Everydaymodern
This counter clad in old fence boards looks so yummy, I wish I had a place to do this in my house.
Image via Elle Decor

I like the console table and little stool.

I love this storage table.

Image via Country Living photo credit Steven Randazzo

What do you think about the weathered wood look?  Love it? Or leave it?

1 comment:

  1. I love the weathered look! Very rustic looking which I like. My favorite one is the one with the stool and console table, made me try to think how I could do that in our place. I like how they were able to mix it in really well with modern stuff. The weathered looking ones with paint I could leave however.


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