Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Curio Console Redo Complete

Sorry I have been away from posting the last few days.  Things have been pretty hectic around the house and I've had a whole lot of painting going on!      
Hooray!  I have finally completed the paint job on the curio console table I found on craigslist this past Friday.  Here is the picture of the piece before,

It was a pretty little piece, but with a couple of finish issues,

and then after a fresh coat of paint.......

Isn't she pretty?!  The color is "Eucalyptus Leaf".  It is a very pale gray, green.

It has now become part of the dining room redo.  Still working on that room, and will post more pics of it's progress soon.

and..... now that I have gone paint happy!  Here is a sneak peak at another project I am working on!

Any ideas what it is?  Doesn't look like much now, but just wait!


  1. It looks sooooo pretty :)When I first saw the before picture I was a little OK nothing special, but once I saw what you did with it!! :) LOVE it :)

    Oh and I think the other project is a bed frame.

  2. P.S.- I want to quote Julia Child and how she always use to say no excuses no apologies. She would say it in reference to cooking of course and never apologizing for what you make, just serve it :)

  3. lol. Yes, that Julia was a smart cookie.
    and.... no it's not a bed frame.... :) good guess though.It will be a few days before it is post ready. So feel free to keep guessing. heehee


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