Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patio Redo - Just About Done!

So the patio redo ended up taking me alot longer than usual.  Mainly because while I was unloading a table from the back of my truck I tore a muscle in my shoulder.  Owwwiiiiiiiieeeeee.  I will post pictures of the injury causing culprit later in my round-up post.  Lesson learned, DO NOT jump out of the back of a pickup truck with a table base in one hand and a chair in the other.  Seems like a lesson most people with a brain would already know, but, apparently I think I am super woman from time to time.

So now on to the patio redo.  I decided not to paint an area rug and instead used a bamboo rug just under the seating area to give more definition to the two areas.

**Note - Everything in this redo is either a garage sale find, or a CL find. Except for the fabric I used to recover.  Cost of redo about $120.00 INCLUDING fabric**

Here was the patio before after being all cleaned out,

And here is the after,

I broke the long patio up into two areas.  There is a seating area and a dining area.  In the seating area,

I recovered the vintage Ficks Reed set in a black and white stripe and made some little throw pillows to tie in the colors throughout the rest of the patio.  Here it was before,

and now,

I also made little seat covers for the Breuer chairs.  A friend of mine had these up on CL and didn't have room for them at her place so they came home with me.


and here they are now,

So what do you think?


  1. Yay! I really like the fabrics you chose and what you did with the pieces! I kept thinking something must be wrong since you usually post a bit more often. Glad to see that you're doing better! For us active people, it can be pretty hard to rest, but it is necessary especially in circumstances like that where the body needs to heal. :)

  2. Hey Sandy! Yes it was terrible not being able to move anything! I still need some more healing but at least I can move again! ; ) Hopefully I can get back up to my usual # of posts.

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