Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patio Redo - Step one

Since the weather is now beautiful and the temperature is in the 80's I guess it is a perfect time for a patio redo.  First step, recovering some patio furniture.

I found these vintage Ficks Reed pieces a while back in one of my weekly round-ups

Believe it or not, I actually like the orange, but it's not going to work with the color scheme I'm planning.  So the first step is recovering.  Here is a sneak peak, I've already done the chair.

This chair is the first ever box seat cover I have done.  I definitely need more practice!


  1. Let me say again, that I love your blog! You have great taste and a good eye for decorating and thrifting. I love your furniture.
    I'm curious to know where you keep all that furniture when you switch out pieces?

  2. Awwwhhh thanx! I buy a lot of things to redo and then resell, so sometimes when I switch things out it is because I sold whatever was there before. I do have pieces that I love and are "for keeps" those I just move to another room, or my spare room, or heavens forbid to the garage, but usually I just try to rework things into another rooms decor. That's why I seem to end up with so many room redo's!! Thanks for the comment! Keep em coming! : )

  3. Ok makes perfect sense to me!


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