Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 Minute Makeover

I've done a post before about the power of curtains and here is another one to prove my point.  Everyone knows paint is an easy and inexpensive way to give a room a quick redo, or fresh new look.  But, I think swapping out your curtains is even easier and doesn't have to be expensive.

You don't have to buy expensive curtains.  Just a bolt of inexpensive fabric.  A panel curtain is super easy to do yourself.  Just sew a fold in the top big enough to put your rod through and hem the bottom and your done.  If you don't like to sew you can use hem tape and an iron.  Or if you are really lazy tight on time, just cut and hang using clip rings.

Ok so, here it is.


And, by the power of curtains, (and removing a few accessories)


Totally different look, and it really took only about 10 minutes! 
I picked a charcoal gray fabric to pull from my throw pillows. 
Kind of classes up the joint a little don't ya think?


  1. It does class it up and I also think you're getting ready for fall with the luxury, soft pillows and the darker curtains :) Cozying it up :)

  2. Btw--I've been looking for curtains but never can find the length I want them to be so I think I'll have to keep this on my tab. I have done the whole stitch witchery before, but I just haven't felt like doing it...nor have I found a nice big bolt of fabric lately. We'll see :)

  3. Hey Sandy! It's funny that you mentioned Fall. I have had "adding a little Fall Flare" on my mind. That might be the name of a future post. lol

  4. Heh! I've been adding fall too :) It started with the dark purple pillows and then yesterday I found that stuff you put on bowls that smell but cute ones--twine balls and all sorts of different things. They were also died a nice deep turquoise like color. They had tons of darker colors in the store (purple, deep teal/turquoise, red,gold, etc). It's a nice change from all the cooler colors. The weather has been crazy up here. Some trees' leaves are already changing colors! That doesn't usually start happening til late September here. It's definitely feeling like fall...:)


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