Friday, November 25, 2011

Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

My non-traditional Christmas tree!  WARNING... WARNING... TONS OF PICTURES!  I had a bunch of little gold plastic angel ornaments from past years and decided to make an angel tear drop tree.  Tears of joy of course!  I used a hot glue gun to attach the angels to the top of all the branches.

I took the chandelier crystals that I found on ebay, and threaded them with wire dollar store ribbon.  They are so pretty when the light hits them.

I tried to take lots of pictures close up so you can see all the pretty goodies on the tree. 
They seem to get lost in the pictures when I take them at a distance.  Here are a couple of pictures of the chandelier crystals.  You can buy them by the lot on ebay for pretty cheap.

Since there is no green on the tree, I put lots of greenery below in glass vases.

A big ribbon bow around my pot.

A wooden bowl full of walnuts and candles.

Mason jars half full of rice to hold my candles upright.

I added a couple of little roses in glass vases too. 


Here are a few more pictures of the tree in a different spot.

It's definitely not traditional!  It makes me think of a Bonsai tree.  Or, a Weeping Willow Christmas tree.  Next up, the stairs! 

Here is a sneek peek of that.

So, what does your Christmas tree look like this year? 

~Renew Redo~

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  1. I have seen a lot of people using red this year again! :) Our christmas tree is a bit more traditional in that it is more tree like. We had our first snow today :) As an aside at some point I lost track of what I was doing and was then just scrolling looking at the pictures and thought to myself that must be a random picture of a magazine ( this thought came when I saw the picture with the dresser) and then later thought to myself wait no that's her! :)


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