Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aluminum Flashing Headboard Bedroom Reveal!

Finally, the bedroom reveal!  Remember the Aluminum Flashing headboard DIY.  It shouldn't be too hard to remember, it was my last post, even though it was weeks ago.  Well, here is the rest of the room.  I was a bad blogger and didn't take "before" pictures, but, just imagine an empty room with pumpkin colored walls.  The room wasn't actually empty when I started but nothing had to stay, so, just imagine starting from scratch.

Here is the bedroom now.  Again, another small budget makeover, my favorite kind!

Ok, so let's break it down.  What the heck went on in here?  First I painted the walls "Cloudy Grey" by Valspar.
It's sort of a blue grey color.  This color in a room with a whole lot of white looks more grey, (I used this same color in a bathroom makeover with white marble floors, I'll show you that soon.)  The color in this room, up against a tan carpet, tends to look bluish grey.  Here is an "in progress" picture of the room, before the curtains went up, so you can get a better idea of the color.  I like this color.  It's very soothing, perfect for a bedroom.  It's cool, but not cold, calming... yada, yada, yada.

Next the curtains.  I always pick fabrics I like, then sew up simple curtain panels.  Saves money on better looking curtain material choices, over a lot of the inexpensive premade curtain panels.  Did I say that so it makes sense? Anyway, moving on, here are the curtains up. 

I decided to use two different fabrics for the curtains (4 curtain panels).  I found this tone on tone creamy colored fabric with a raised pattern at Calico Corners.  Love it when the light shines through.  The other fabric is a charcoal gray velvet, from a discount fabric store.  Pinching pennies baby! Oh yeah!

Hmmm, let's see what else.... oh, artwork.... see that big orange, cream, greyish picture?  Behind the little one.  That is 3 different colored cans of spray paint on a piece of MDF board.  Orange, cream, and silver.  MDF is a little heavy but it holds the paint well and is way less expensive than large canvas.  It's 4' x 4'.  Half a sheet of MDF board.  A super easy and inexpensive way to make large modern looking artwork on the super cheap.  Just lay the MDF board flat on the ground and spray back and forth, left to right, or right to left...whatever, changing your colors as you go.  Just keep layering the colors until you like the way it looks, let it dry and hang it up.... or lean it. : ) 

The lamps... found those at a vintage store.  They are wood and metal.  Pretty cool looking.  I changed the lampshades out to black.  Lowe's $12 bucks a shade. The chest, little chair, and copper vase where things that the homeowner already had in other rooms.  Most of us have more things around the house than are actually needed in the rooms they are sitting in, myself included, so shopping your house for pieces here and there that won't really be missed is a great way to save some dough... cuz it's free!   
Then of course there is the Aluminum Flashing headboard I've already posted about.  Total cost of materials for that headboard... about $60 (Queen size).  Click here to see the Aluminum Flashing headboard "How To"  post.

I was going for a masculine feel in this room so I used black bedding and a cow hide rug on the bed.  I'm a little bit obsessed with cow hide rugs right now.  I've been using them everywhere in my own house too.  On the sofa, on the floor, on the bed...  I think they look great no matter where you put them.  And, they are soft too!

Last but not least the campaign style night stands, even though you can't see them very well in the picture.  I found those in the clearance center of a local furniture store.  Got them for a steal.  Don't forget about the clearance centers!!  Most stores have them and you can get some great stuff while saving some big bucks! 
Alright... that's it for now.  Back with more goodies soon!  Hope you're having a fantabulous weekend!

~Renew Redo~


  1. wow! just beautiful! You keep coming up with great projects and great rooms! love it!

  2. I knew you were up to something good! Love this alot.

  3. room looks fabulous love love the bed & curtains well just everything great job

  4. It looks gorgeous! Love it in the last image. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Thanks girls!! You girls are the bestest!! : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo


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