Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Chicken Wire! ~ With Candles!

Hello friends!  Just posting a few more pictures of my chicken wire Christmas decor.  In my haste to post the other day... I forgot to mention they make great candle covers (without the batting).  You could probably see there were candles sitting inside from the previous pictures, but I thought I would point that out in case you didn't notice.  The candle light make the crystals sparkle!

Oh yeah, and here is where a bunch of the Ikea pillows went.

I was thinking these chicken wire thingies have so much potential.  You can stick all kinds of things in them and on them.  You could do flowers... how pretty would that be?!  Or wire on little pine cones, or any other little sparkly thing!

~Renew Redo!~


  1. I was telling some friends about this last night! So cool!

  2. Great idea. Where did you get the crystals to hang on the wire trees?

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