Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grey, Gold, Black, & White... A big ole pile of neutrals ~ Room Redo!

I've been holding out on you...  It just dawned on me that I have completely redone my family room and never shared one single picture of it.  What's up with that?  Naughty, naughty, right?!  In fairness, it's not completely done, I'm still working out a few details on one side of the room.   But that's still no excuse...  right?

The biggest change was a new paint color.  Nimbus cloud by Valspar.  I love this grey.  It's not too cold and looks great with everything.  

Looking back into the kitchen nook.  I'm still loving the white walls with the stencil in Gold Leaf Rub n' Buff.  Missing a lamp shade there...

Texture, texture, texture!  I wanted this room to look and feel comfy.  With cowhides and velvet everywhere, you just want to rub your hand all over everything.  Love that.

See that little gold table sticking out in the picture above?  I'll give you three guesses what I refinished it with.  You got it, Gold Leaf Rub n' Buff.  I never sealed that table and had to reapply the Rub n' Buff after a few months.  But... it looks even better for having done so (deeper gold).  I'll get around to spraying it with polyurethane one of these days.

This is the side of the room I'm still working on.  It's a little bit blah at the minute.  I'm on the look out for gold velvet fabric to redo the seating area.  I may or may not switch up the massive modern artwork too....

A big ole pile of neutrals!  Isn't it!  

~Renew Redo!~


  1. love it all especially the paint color

  2. That is a beautiful paint colour. I like all the neutrals. You really do have a beautiful home that looks so comfy:)

  3. The paint color is beautiful, very similar to my dining room color. Love your room.
    Did I mention yet that I missed you a great deal when you where gone becasue I worked on my first rub'n buff project? Oh boy and guess what? I didn't seal it yet!

  4. love it Sammy! and I need a big ol' ottoman like that! I have been looking for a new one and they are so pricy! Everything looks so beautiful - great job!

  5. It all looks so great! Excellent choice of gray. It's nice and cool, which should be great for summer! I find this gray to be a calming color like certain blues are. Good job!


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