Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living Room Overhaul Inspiration -

I have been in the mood for a total living room overhaul.  Instead of a rearrange, I want an entirely new look after the holiday's.  I've been searching for inspiration lately, and have noticed I always seem to be drawn to certain things over and over.  So, it seems only right that these certain things will end up in my room. 

1st - the "cow hide rug"  I love these rugs, and seem to be drawn to every picture of a room including one.

Images by ElleDecor

2nd - Seashells and Coral,  sounds silly, but again I am drawn to rooms that have tons of seashells for accents.  It must be something about the textures and the colors.  Very natural.

Top 2 images, designer Kathleen Hay, bottom image photographer Michael Partenio

3rd - the overall color scheme, I am drawn to orange/rust, green, creams, browns, and greys.  Earth tones  

Images by ElleDecor

Who knows what I'll end up doing though.  I seem to change my mind regularly.


~Renew Redo~

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  1. I'll say you still love a lot of those things :) I think you always do love things that are your faves :) I too like to decorate with sea shells. I put a bunch in bowls or put them in a book case etc. That might be another reason why someone thinks I'm going for a "beach" house lol :-p


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