Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun With Mason Jars

Last year I came across a box of mason jar and started using them for everything from my chandelier shades to stairway art.

Then I was browsing around for some other fun ideas on how to use my jar (besides canning) and her is what I have found so far.
hanging candle holders, using wire or coat hangers to hang the jars.

just free standing candle holders

how bout a soap dispenser

 or a light fixture, image via apartment therapy,

or fun glasses for a spring party,

and of course as a flower holder.

or a snow globe,


or cute storage containers.  These last three pictures were via Weeping Cherries

and finally,

how bout yummy foodie presents!  Gahhh don't these look so yummy and with the little spoon tied to the side!  How cute!  To see how to make these check out Cakies post.
So does anyone else have any ideas for using mason jars?  Leave a comment.

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