Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Table Setting and Dining Room Recap 1

Sorry for the repeat in pics from time to time.  But I ofter come across older photos of the house that I didn't realize I had and then have repeat some pics. to explain the new pics.  Hope you don't mind to much. Here is what I mean. 

Let's see where the dining room began.  When we first bought the house years ago, the dining room looked like this,

We removed the carpet first.  What's up with wall to wall carpeting in the dining room anyway?  Then we removed the railing, another what the heck, and finally we removed the window and replaced it with fabulous french doors.  Here is the after,

oh and we added that porch outside too.

Since redoing the dining room I have developed a love for table settings, and center pieces.  So here is me reminiscing my table looks of the past, just for fun!


outdoor delight




Thanksgiving again,



Organic like.

and then some of my favorite tablescape close up shots,

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