Friday, January 21, 2011

Turned Leg Shelves

Here we have what looks like a pile of junk really.  I paid $2 for this broken down pile of wood.

But after a little elbow grease I got it looking like this,

and then after a little more grease it went to this,

Not bad for $2!  It turned out to be a great looking shelving unit.  I actually like the gray weathered look of the wood now.  But, I do have plans to paint it in the future.  I am leaning towards an apple green paint color, or maybe red... or maybe a high gloss orange?  What color would you paint it?  Or would you leave it the weathered gray look?  Please leave a comment with you color choice!  Thanx : )


  1. Okay, here's my proverbial two cents. I'm usually all about painting stuff, but now that I see this piece reassembled I'm kind of in love with the weathered wood. I might go for a water-based stain first to get the piece of new wood used to repair the bottom to a similar color as the rest of the piece. Then I'd do a colored water-based stain over the whole thing. Minwax has a color called Slate with a white tint base that would be really pretty. Or maybe their White Wash Pickling Stain. Check them out here:

    This would probably work beautifully, as the porous wood looks like it will take stain very well.

  2. I like where you are going with this! Do I know you or something! heehee : )

  3. what a find! it turned out great...I know this is an older post but I would leave it weathered, maybe just use some paste wax to bring out the luster


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