Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glass Top Tip Of The Day!

Here is a tip for all my fellow garage sale junkies. TIP :  Never pass up a glass top. (as long as it's not way over priced of course).  I have bought ugly junky broken coffee tables for $20, just to get the glass top.  I have also found large round glass tops with no table for $5.  The thing is,

1.  Glass tops are expensive to go out and buy retail.  And, you can turn pretty much anything into a table if you have a glass top!

2.  Extra glass tops are easy to store when not in use, just lean them against a back wall of a closet, or flat under a bed, or against the wall of your garage.  You get the point.

3.  You have a lot more options for room rearranging when you have a stock pile of glass tops of different shapes and sizes.

Case in point,

ceramic pots with glass tops make great tables

covering carved or intricate furniture so it can be use as a table

placing two nightstands back to back with a glass top makes a nifty sofa table or buffet.

image via Love Where You Live
How about this dining table made from concrete urns and an old door with a glass top!

image via Love Where You Live

image via Sweeter Homes
How about a pigeon cage covered with a piece of glass for a unique coffee table.  They added casters to this cage also.  Pretty awesome

lots of table options when you have lots of glass tops!
Just sayin! : )

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