Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Table Leg Candle Sticks DIY

Did you notice these candle sticks in this picture of the desk area, in the family room, in the last post?


They used to be the table legs of a bistro table, so they are longer than an regular table leg. 
 I used my miter saw to cut them into three different lengths, and topped them with glass coasters.

I filled the holes with Spackle because that's what I had on hand, but you could use wood filler obviously.

This stuff is paintable because it's meant for walls, so once it dried I sanded it and covered the holes with a dab of brown paint.

I used glass coasters on the top to hold the candles

I attached the glass coasters with this Goop stuff that bonds anything.  Got it at Big Lots!

At first I was going to paint them some bright color, but then I decided I like them the way they are.  I can always paint them later if I want a change.


  1. I did actually notice them and thought they were pretty but figured you found them somewhere! That's pretty neat!

  2. Who would have thought?! Girl you have vision:)



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