Monday, March 28, 2011

Found The Coolest DIY Ideas

I came across the coolest blog this past weekend with some of the best DIY projects I have seen in a while.  I had to share them! Lucy from Lucy Designs has some serious creativity kicking!

Look at these awesome DIY's she did,
Here is the before
and the after

Check out the full post here to see how she did it!   This one got my mind going big time!  Major inspiration!

and then there is this one that I am soooo in love with too.  Makes me wish I had a fence, however, I do have a pool enclosure I could maybe attach a few to.  These are just so clever!  I love a good repurpose project.

Here are the befores,


and here is the after!

OMG!  Are these not just the coolest repurposing project ever?  I love that they are huge!  They make such an impact don't they?!  They put my poor "table leg candle sticks" to shame!  lol

Just had to share them!  Love, love, love!  Hope you enjoyed them too!


  1. Wow! That is creative! You've been busy lately! Btw- I love the bathroom redo! I never would have thought to take a work of art as inspiration, which is interesting because I have some pictures in the bathroom and it does go with the colors that are in the bathroom, but they're not artsy pictures. They're just pretty things put up. lol

  2. Picking two or three colors out of something that is going to be in the room like a painting or an area rug is the easiest way to make your color scheme work. It ties everything together. See, you are just that good that you do it without even thinking about it! : ) Yes, I have been busy I have a 2nd bathroom redo on the way too. Totally different from the half bath.

  3. Thank you Sammy for showing some of my projects!!

  4. Oh I did intentionally pick colors that go together, I just mean that none of what I put up is artsy. Like I'd never would have thought to use a real work of art in the bathroom. What I have up is just pretty stuff. Like a pretty collection of seashells glued to a mirror. I never thought of putting real art (like an oil painting, water color, etc.) in the bathroom. In my head I didn't think it was something that would work. Just something that in my head was a no no, but it does :) In fact, I think even when I first put up the stuff that I do have in the bathroom I at first thought it was weird too cause it's a bathroom, lol.

  5. I guess I meant to say I would have never thought to take a work of art as inspiration for a bathroom.

  6. You are so funny! I completely understand what you are saying!! ; )


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