Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Room Redo (2)

Whooo Weeee what a weekend!  I found a bunch of stuff and made a BIG mess and now I am in REDO mode!!  Take a look at this scary picture,

Late Saturday afternoon this is what my family room looked like.  Like a bomb went off! 

When it looks like this, it means I had a really good weekend, and my husband.... not so much!  Just kidding, he's a trooper!  Don't worry though the room is well on it's way to being cleaned up and then some.  I'm a fast worker.  Remember my family room from before?  This was it.

And remember my "Tall Wall" post when I used the dresser drawers for shelves on the T.V. wall to disguise the speakers?

Well, all that is changing, take a look at what I've done so far.

No more brown on the bottom.  I lightened that up to "Dusty Trail"  by Valspar.  And remember the fabric I bought this weekend?

I used the black and white "tree" fabric to line the back of the drawers/box shelves.

Lots more to do!  Stay tuned!
  Hope you had a great weekend!!!

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