Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tall Wall Finished

Ok, It's done.  The "tall wall" project is complete.  YaY!  Here is what I started with.  See the full first post here on my inspiration..

and then... came these old drawers from an old damaged dresser see full post here

and then... drum roll please..........
The After,

Now you barely even notice the speakers and I have tons of extra display and storage space!  I love the way it turned out.  It adds a lot to the big bare wall that was.  I screwed the drawers directly into the wall through each corner.  Then I painted them all white.  I painted my drawers/shelves after having hung them on the wall, because I wanted to make sure I would like the look once they were all up.  Here is the before picture of the unpainted drawers/shelves,

Painting everything white really cleaned up the look.  If I had to do it over again, I would have painted the drawers/shelves before attaching them to the wall.  It would have saved me from having to tape everything off and I could have used spray paint which would have been much faster!


These boxes have gone through a few transformations.  Here is a picture of how they ended up.  (For now anyway).  The backs are covered with fabric.



  1. I'm wondering how you dealt with the drawer front extending below the drawer box. Did you saw some of it off?

    Really love the idea! :)

  2. Hi Sandy,
    I was lucky that the drawers I was working with didn't have that issue. If you are working with drawers where the front does extend past the bottom of the box, you could attempt to saw them or perhaps another alternative would be to place a piece of wood (like a furring strip) in each corner between the wall and the bottom of the box so that the corners and the bottom of the front of the drawer are now flush. Then you would need to screw through each corner of the drawer, through the piece of wood, into the wall and then use trim to cover the gaps that would be created. I hope that all made since. It might just be easier to look for old drawers that don't have that problem! lol ;)


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