Friday, January 14, 2011

Tall Wall Part 1

So here is the scoop on my "tall wall" that I mentioned in a previous post "Wall Of Shelves".  I have a very tall wall in my family room that has 3 speakers in it and a t.v. and fireplace in the middle.  The speakers must stay, and can't be covered up.  This has always made this wall very difficult to decorate. So here is my solution. First I started with these,


Below:  Here is a picture of the "tall wall" that I started with.  I was in the middle of decorating my angel tree for Christmas when the pic was taken, so excuse the mess of a picture.  But, at least you can see the full wall here.  I had already painted the wall in stripes, and the white shelf is actually a projection screen that has been disguised as a shelf

So do you think you know what I did to the wall?  Got it all figured out all ready? Hmmmm....
Well, you'll have to check back for the out come because it's still  not finished! Just a teaser, but it is coming along nicely!  Might be done by tomorrow.  I hope.

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