Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Entryway Redo!

Hey there!  In my last post I was helping a friend redo her place on a $500 budget for her living room and dining room.  Sadly I don't have any pictures to post on the progress yet, so instead, here are a few tidbits of what's been going on around my house.  My entryway, which I just can't seem to leave alone has a new look.

Remember the vintage Ficks Reed loveseat I found?

I recovered it in the black and white striped fabric to use on the patio.

Here it was out on the patio,

Well, it has been moved into the entryway.

Here is the other side of the entryway. 

I found these lamps at a garage sale for $3.00 for the pair.  They didn't have shades which was fine because I already had shades I wanted to use that matched the wall color.  I now lovingly call them my "trophy" lamps.  They do kind of look like trophies don't they?  Love em!

So that is how it sits now.  I'm sure it will change again soon.  Oh, and just for fun, I found an old picture of another look my entryway once had.  I didn't like it so much at the time.  I remember it feeling kinda blah.  Take a look

 I do miss my black and white curtains though.  Those were actually a king size duvet cover I cut and made into curtains.


  1. I actually really like that before picture that you thought looked "blah." I just love your collection of paintings!! They look fabulous displayed the way you have them right now. I know they're from that one time you went to an estate auction. I just love how you've used them in your dining room and now here! <3 Can't wait to see more of what you've been up to!! Oh BTW I think this entryway is AMAZING and definitely one of my fave redos of yours.

  2. Love the look! The paint color is so soothing.


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