Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coffee Table Redo With Ottoman

Here is a coffee table I found at a thrift store.  It has two table tops and the top table rolls over the bottom table.  It had damage to the finish and looked super orange to boot.

Here it is to start

The two pieces came apart so it made for easy painting. 

I wiped the whole thing down with Deglosser and then painted it white.  Then I sprayed it with poly.

I covered the bottom table with quilt-light batting.  I didn't want the batting to be too thick, so the top table would still be able to roll over the top of the lower table.

I stapeled it to the bottom side of the table

Here it is with the batting finished

Then I did the same thing with my fabric

Now the bottom table can be used as an ottoman.

No more putting your feet on the coffee table.

The ottoman can be tucked under the table.

This cool coffee table cost me $15 and the pale yellow fabric was a remnant for $2.50


  1. I <3 it! Is that going to your friend's house too? You're really talented!

    Also I thought orange was your favorite color?

  2. Thanx Sandy!
    Yes it is going in her place. And, yes I do love orange, but, she hates it! Even though half the time she thinks orange is pink. lol
    She likes blues, greens, white/cream, and pastels, so that's the color palette I'm working with.
    I loves me some orange! heehee

  3. Ah I like those colors too, but I do love me some orange as well. I know a lot of people hate woods with orange undertones, but I like the warmth it gives to a room. :)

  4. I found GORGEOUS big chrome chairs today upholstered in an orange fabric. LOVED it and thought to myself if I were Sammy, I'd get this in a heart beat and keep it that way or maybe put some other awesome fabric but practical me just says we have enough chairs. Hehe :)


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