Monday, August 29, 2011

The Winner Is.... Red...and Green ~ Family Room Redo

I was playing with my family room, trying to decide what color direction I wanted to go.  ("Red or Green" see previous post here)  In the end I decided to use both colors.  All the green was mainly plant life anyway.
So here is the "meat" of the room so to speak, and where it came from.  Kind of looks like a pile of junk doesn't it?

And I used these accessory colors.

Here is the finished family room.  I took bunches of pictures because I finally got my new camera. YAY!

Parts of the room:

~The coffee table is an old piano bench base with a glass top

~The sofa is pieces of my sectional, but with a twin mattress. It could work as a daybed too.  I made a gray mattress cover, like one you would make for a seat cushion.  I lucked out that my sectional sofa seats are the same width as a twin mattress.  Wide seats!

~The boxes on the wall are old drawers from a chest of drawers.  The back of the drawers are covered in fabric, and have red feather roses in them.

~I put white cards in the card holder pulls, of the card catalog looking cabinet.

And, I think the rest of the room is pretty self explanatory in the pictures.

~Renew Redo~


  1. What a lovely home! I love your shelves. The contrast between the fabrics and the roses is a great touch, what a great idea! And I also adore your card catalog cabinet! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. You have a great blog, too. Now following! Looking forward to see more future projects.

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  2. It doesn't really look like a pile of junk to me ;) Although I have seen you turn a pile of junk into some pretty awesome stuff! I really like what you did with your couch to make it into a day bed..NIFTY idea for people who have cushions they can take off.

  3. Thanks Jessie! And, I will difinitely stop by and check it out thanks for the link. : )

  4. Hey Sandy! Yes I think I have used bigger piles of junk or should I say "more junky" piles of junk, in the past! lol "Nifty" I like that word.

  5. I am absolutely in love with those boxes on the walls.


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