Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paper Leaves Fall Tree

We had a branch fall in the yard driveway the other morning.  It was a perfect opportunity to start on a little fall decorating.  I made paper leaves last year and hug them on my mantel.  (See the "How To Make Paper Leaves" post here)  This year I decided to use them again but on my new found big ole branch.

I took a bunch of pictures. 

I thought the black would be a fun addition to the orange pumpkin for a little Halloween inspiration.

And, here is a picture of the actual branch.  Bet you thought that wee little branch above was what fell in my driveway!  Oh no, it was just one of the many babies of the momma branch.  How would you like to drive into that first thing in the morning?  Did my driveway just disappear or have I just not had enough coffee yet this morning!!! lol

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  1. OMG THANKS FOR GIVING ME PERMISSION TO START DECORATING FOR FALL! I've done few things here and there but not full out fall yet. I did get a primitive painted grey bench today in my thrifting. I thought it be cute to use for sitting of course outside but also to decorate for Halloween :) I've had an itch to paint pumpkins and start decorating the outside...I still think I should at least wait til mid Sept though...le sigh :(

  2. lol, I always start early. I just love doing it!! In the past I've skipped over Fall altogether and started decorating for Christmas in October. Scary right?!

  3. Lol! I think I recall reading a past post from last year in which you said you wanted to do that. I think I'll be following soon with fall decor in September (next week). Honestly some leaves are already changing colors on some trees. It's been that way for a couple weeks now so it definitely does feel like fall. It's also felt cooler outside :) Btw--I've been wanting some original oil paintings for a while now and today I haggled for some that I had fallen in love with at a thrift store that had been there for a few weeks. For whatever reason I see art work hanging on the walls in thrift stores FOREVER around here. Nobody seems to be interested in it. I however LOVE paintings :) and I particularly love these ones (two) :)

  4. I love them too! My favs. are vintage portraits!

  5. It's beautiful! Now that's what I call making lemonade out of lemons! I just found your blog via TCB, and am excited to look around more! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Shona. Yes lemonade for sure! Is it wrong to not want to have a huge limb removed from your yard because when you look at it you see bunches of projests! lol : )


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