Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Console Table Redo

I found this console table at a garage sale.  It has some finish issues.  Perfect for a paint job. 

I've been playing with these paint colors lately.

"Queen Anne's Lace" (white-ish)
"Green Grapes" (lighter green)
"Can't Miss Lime" (Darker green)

I used "Queen Anne's Lace" and "Can't Miss Lime" by Olympic on the console.

Here is a sneak peak on how the living room is coming along.

~Renew Redo~


  1. OH I love all the white with orange and green :)You seem to have a lot of plants :) What kind of plants do you have? I only really keep herbs and some succulents. I've been thinking of maybe growing a bigger plant....

  2. Hey Sandy! You know what, I don't have one single potted plant in that room! All that greenery are clippings from different bushes in my yard, put in water! I raid the bushes regularly to keep green stuff in the house! : )

  3. I love what you did with it and the colors are perfect! Great job :)


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