Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do You Dress Like You Decorate?

So, I'm going a little off topic today. I have recently come across a few  websites that I'm in love with.  First there is POLYVORE.COM.  I am slightly addicted to it! It's fashion related, where you can create your own outfit boards, and all the clothing items are linked to the website/store where you can buy them.  You can look through everyone else's boards too, if you're looking for a little inspiration.  I love creating online outfits.  It's like shopping...but not!  Here are a couple of my boards I've created.  Now if I could just make them instantly appear in my closet!
Go Green

Untitled #7

 These are soooo much fun to create!!!  I really do feel like I'm picking out clothes at a store but the clothing options are endless.

Then there is OLIOBOARD.COM which is basically the same thing but for interior decorating.  All the furnishings are linked to the website/store you can purchase from.  Also so much fun, and addicting!  You can decorate till your little heart is content!  Here are a couple of boards I've created, you can create any color scheme, or look, you can imagine.  Ahhh LOVE

And then finally there is PINTEREST.COM. Who doesn't love pinterest!  This site should come with a warning label though!  Something like,

 You can spend hours on it, sharing all of your boards and pictures, and looking at everyone else's pictures.

So that's what I've been up to the last few days.  Have you checked out these sites?  Are you addicted yet?


~ Renew Redo ~

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  1. I LOVE dressing up!! And yes I have found that I love to dress the way I decorate except that it's a lot more fun cause I can have so many more colors! I have all sorts of colorful sweaters I've slowly gathered (purple, teal, raspberry, lime green, red, etc). Although I have noticed that I do prefer the deep colors like teal and raspberry. I've been having so much fun lately putting outfits together. <3 accessories too!

    I have not tried olioboard although I've heard of it. For right now I don't think I need other substances to feed my addiction ;) tehe.


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