Monday, September 26, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box... Pumpkin

 Why decorate for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving, in the usual colors, when you can make up your own style?  Look at these amazing ideas straying away from the traditional, and into the personal!

Leopard tissue paper, modge-podge, pumpkins!  How fab!

Image Via Sandy M.

Do you have a favorite color that doesn't necessarily follow along the traditional Fall color palette?  Go for it anyway!  These purple pumpkins pop!

Have fun with it!  Look at this cute clock pumpkin, brimming with pretty goodies!

What do you do for your Fall and Holiday decorating?  Do you branch out and create your own style, or do you go for a more traditional look?

I think I tend to stay pretty traditional with a little branch out here and there.


~ Renew Redo ~


  1. Wow you even created a little copyright for me with my fave colors :) Thank you for using my image :) I love the other ideas you posted. I so could see myself making some glam zebra print pumpkins with a white base and silver stripes. Maybe even glittery...

  2. Ooh YUMMY! Glam zebra print! I may have to steal that idea!! : )

  3. And, I love your pic. Thanks for sharing it with me!! You always have great ideas!


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