Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ripping My Skirt Off (2) A Chair This Time!

Hey there!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Remember the chairs I mentioned, in my Fun Finds post?  Well here they are.  I found them at an estate sale and the fabric was well... questionable.  But, I thought with a few tweaks they could work.  Let's see what you think.  Here is one of the chairs, as I bought it.

Ok, kinda scary right?  I love the form of these chairs.  But I think they would look better, if they weren't being made to look traditional with the skirt.  So, the first thing to go...yep...the skirt.  I have a thing about skirted furniture I guess, especially vintage furniture.  I love skirted leather furniture though, maybe because you don't see it that often.

I've shown several furniture pieces in the past, where I've removed the skirts.  Well, two sofas, but I've never shown how I do it.  Just in case you've thought about it, but were a little nervous, I thought I'd snap a few photos of the process this time.  There's not much to it really.  First check the chair to make sure you like the look of the legs.  Then just insert a knife between the chair fabric and the skirt cording.  Like this.

There are staples in there so just poke around till you find a space between the staples, then cut through the fabric.  Like this.

Then just start pulling.  Yanking, really!  The whole skirt should come off in one piece, as you work your way around the chair.

Then use pliers to pull out the staples that are left in the chair.

That's all there is to it.  Looks better already doesn't it?

Now they don't seem so heavy, and dated!  What do you think?

Don't they kind of look like a cheetah print from a distance?  I like that about them.

The fabric has a bit of a sheen to it, and changes tone when you rub your hand over it.  It looks different depending on the light in the room.  I put the chairs in my living room with dark floors and light furniture, and they brightened up quite a bit.

So what do you think of the chairs now?  Still scary or not so much?

~ Renew Redo ~

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  1. I really like them. They work really well with your earth tone colors. Do you steam clean the fabric or anything?

  2. If there are cushion covers that can be taken off and washed, I always do that, and I use the upholstery attachment on my vacum, and give them a good clean that way too.

  3. It's amazing how removing the skirt really changed those chairs. I like them a lot skirtless!

  4. BIG difference! The chairs look great in your living room.

  5. Wow! What a huge difference just removing the skirt makes! Love seeing those skinny midcentury legs.


  6. What an amazing difference! Those chairs look fabulous sans skirts!!
    Darling blog you have here, by the way..found you by way of DittleDattle!

  7. Oh I just love your simple but effective de skirting! :) I hope you will add your lovely metamorphosis to my Fall in Love linky party on Wednesday.

    Until then, stop by and see the under $20 makeover I gave an ugly brass light fixture.

    Happy Monday!

  8. It's amazing how just taking the skirt off made them classy! I love them! You've got great taste and vision!

    PS I have a $50 cash giveaway going on on my blog right now. Come by when you get a chance! :)

  9. wow, what a difference. Love when you can achieve that with only a little change. Well done. Liz @ Designing Domesticity

  10. Amazing. This would be a great addition to my party. I hope you'll join.


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