Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Table Redo.... Geeze!

Not again with the table... really?!  Yep!  I just can't help myself,  I found fabric yesterday morning and that's all it took.  I leave one of my dining tables styled most all the time.  It's always set whether anyone will be eating at it or not.  It does create a little extra work when the time comes to actually eat at the table, because of course, I have to take all my dishes up and wash them to make sure they are completely dust free and ready for food.  But that doesn't bother me one bit.  I wonder how many other people leave their tables set all the time?  Hmmmm.  

I love amber glasses, and gold rim glasses!

Cheese plate domes and champagne glasses!

Here are my cheese plate domes, and champagne glasses, combined to make vases.  Love these.

I like the orange cloth in the middle of the table.  You don't really see it from a distance, but it adds a big pop of color when you walk up to the table.  A lot of people don't really care for orange.  As for me, it's one of my favorite colors!

Here are the fabrics I found that put this table in motion,

I LOVE tablescapes!  They are one of the easiest things to do to create, what I like to call

Can you tell I have a thing for orange, brown, green, and white?  Oh and let's not forget AMBER!

~ Renew Redo ~

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  1. I wish I had a thing for Amber. I find it all the time here, but I don't. I love your tablescapes! :) I use to keep it pretty all the time with the dishes out and everything but I didn't deal with dust issues because we eat at our table every day anyway. Now I just keep it pretty in the sense of place mats, table runner, and centerpiece are out but not all the dishes. I created a fall centerpiece that I'm loving hard core mainly cause it has my favorite elements.

    Anywho keep showing the tablescapes :) I love to see new inspiration. I have yet to buy pretty tall glasses like the ones you have. I've been searching, but I don't find a kind I like. Sometimes the color other times the decorativeness. It's partly cause I've been looking in thrifting. I'm sure if I went into a store I'd find something very quickly. lol I'm not that desperate.

  2. When am I getting pictures of said centerpiece! Hmmmmmm?????? ;)

  3. I love your table setting! Orange and green is my all time favorite color combo. Very beautifully done!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  4. Hi Sammy,

    I am a sucker for amber too. It works with so many colors. There is something so relaxing and warm about the color. I love seeing amber with light behind it. Your table is so pretty!



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