Friday, September 2, 2011

Green Grapes

I spent the morning painting!  I was browsing through the paint colors at Lowe's and saw this color,  Green Grapes by Olympic.  It's supposed to look like this,

It looks pretty, right?
Well here is what it looked like in the can.   

I must say that I was skeptical right off the bat.  But, I know paint looks different when it dries, so I decided not to judge till it was on the wall and dry.

Well..... this is what I got.  It reminds me of a green neon light!  Not the look I was going for!

I wonder if the person who mixed my paint made a mistake or something.  Anyway, I guess I will be repainting tomorrow!!


  1. Hey Sammy the issue isn't the paint color it's the light in the rooms. In the sample picture it is reflected light (indirect light) so it sub dued the color. In your entryway it's getting a lot of direct light. I also can't see the whole room but if there is a white frame or something in there that might also be giving it that tint. Have you ever noticed before that sun light or sometimes lighting in certain circumstances can add blue to a room? Anywho that's what's going on here. Sorry if I make no kinds of sense. It's hard to explain. Anywho depending on what side the room is facing (north, south, east, west) the lighting will add different colors to a room.

  2. I think the best way to put what happen is that the natural light the entryway gets (which seems to be a lot) makes bright colors appear even brighter. In the picture it seems like it's winter outside so they're also in a northern hemisphere, which also accounts to why that color looks more sub dued.

  3. Sorry I"m taking over your wall but I really think that color works if you're going for a really fresh, happy, feel. All you need to do is put in more fresh-cool colors in there instead of the brown and darker colors that are in there now (chair, painting).

  4. It look really nice with crisp white--I'm thinking of an entryway you once had in there with a white desk and of course some accessories in a similar tone to the wall color.

  5. Hey Sandy! I will post another picture for you to show the true neon of the room. I tried to pick the pictures above that showed the best it looks. I have others that are WAY more NEON depending on the light. I get what you are saying though. I tried light colors first but the brightness was overwhelming. There is a lot of yellow in the paint. I don't think the color of my floors help either!


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