Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trees On The Wall

 So I had an unexpected paint color experience in my last post.  But, on the upside I got inspired!  I have been wanting to do the look of trees on the wall, for a while now.  I even did a past post where I started to use painters tape to create the form of trees on the wall, but, then decided to put that idea on hold. 
This time I decided to do the trees free hand, and I like the way it's coming along.  I still have a bit to do on the trees and then lots of touch ups.  Here is a sneak peak!!

The paint color is A LOT brighter than it looks in this picture. 

Be back soon with more pictures!


  1. If you took this picture in the morning I'm guessing the entryway is facing west. If you took this now that it's more afternoonish then I'm guessing the room is facing either east or west. Either way WOW YOU HAVE A LOT OF ENERGY AND DON'T STOP! Lol! It really takes a lot of energy to move furniture around, paint, etc. Who needs exercise when you're as busy as you are :) On Thursday when I was inspired to move everything around in our house I definitely felt like I had worked out (even with furniture sliders). I really like the way it's looking, but again I really like fresh colors like that including yellow. I think I started to really like happy colors like that because of how dark and dreary it is here in the winter. I use to only like warm colors.

  2. How beautiful! You are good at this!

  3. You did a wonderful job, Sammy! Looking forward to see more pictures when your project is completed!

    Have a wonderful day!



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