Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspiring Spaces

Hey there, hi there, ho there!  So, the weekend is over, boo! My weekend was nice and relaxing.  I didn't move, redo, paint, or even buy a thing!  I did go yard sale-ing, but didn't find anything that got me excited.  Since I don't have anything going on in the form of redoing or renewing around my house at the minute, I thought it's a fine time to look at other peoples inspiring spaces. 

I love these chairs!  They are so versatile, from country to modern!

Image Via Canadian House and Home

And, here they are in a modern setting.  LOVE!

Image Via Canadian House and Home

Then there is this closet, check out the ceiling treatment.  I love this room!  It has major glam factor!

Image Via

And then there is my ALL TIME FAVORITE bedroom, except I would probably choose something different for the foot of the bed.

Image Via Elle Decor

A Glamtastic bathroom,

Mirrored console table, in a fabulous dining room.
Image Via

Holy mirrored bed!

Just a few pics today! 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. OH I love these pictures but you know I <3 glam :) Certain aspects of glam though and I do love that one of the glam aspects is mirrors :) I <3 them :) For now the mirror that I bought yesterday I layered on top of a mirror that's leaning on the wall on the floor :) My husband just put it there when I got back and I was like whoa I actually like that so it's staying there for a while :)

  2. Sandy, I know you do! I thought of you when I was posting them!


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