Friday, September 16, 2011

The Rest Of The Living Room

Ok, ready for the rest of the living room?  Well here she is, all done. I tried to stick to black, white, and ochre colors with different shades of gray, and pops of green in this room.  This is my formal living room, but, I'm not that formal of a girl.  So, I just sort of give a nod to formal, but mainly keep it comfy and inviting.  At least to me anyway. 

There is my, what I like to call, "Glam Pot" as an end table.

Here is my painted steamer trunk with a five gallon jug beside it.

Also, my garage sale loveseat that I reupholstered.

I love a lot of plant life in my rooms.  If your house can't take potted plants because of bad light, or if you just have a really brown thumb.  A quick trick to keep the green stuff alive and looking pretty in your room, go snip happy on your bushes outside.  Then put the cuttings in water.  None of the greenery in this room is potted, it's all cuttings in water.  They live for a long time, but when they die, just dump em and snip some more!

Here are the other pictures from the room, that I posted the other day.  Just in case you missed them.

~Renew Redo~


  1. I so could see myself curled up in that room! I like the last two shots you took of the whole room :) It's so serene and calm :). It reminds me of that one room you did in the past with the green and white I really loved. It seems you really love it too cause you recreated it a bit, I think but in a different way :)Hopefully this time the hubby doesn't think it looks like a medical office.

  2. Hi Sammy,

    I just love your attention to detail. This is the kind of room I like to look at, and live in. There is something interesting everywhere you look. I'm sure when I go back to look at this again I'll see things I missed the first time.

    So you got that sofa at a thrift shop too? I will have to find that post and read up. I love the lines of it. Also like your floors and accent colors of amber and green. I am crazy about amber anything! I just love the color. One of my favorite transferware patterns has alot of those colors in it.

    Going to see the close up of the chain on the pics now.



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