Thursday, September 15, 2011

Face The Wall Close Up

I posted this picture yesterday, as part of my living room redo.  I explained that the black and white pictures, hiding in the back, were actually hanging on a chain inside of an old picture turned around backwards.  Sometimes I like the look of the back of a frame better than the front.  It happens a lot with me!   I was asked for a close up, and I aim to please, so here you go.  There is not much to it really, just a little different I guess.

I have it sort of hiding in between my curtains, behind my sofa at the minute.  I think it adds dimension.

Here it is pulled out from the curtains.  I just like the tone and look of the back of the wood frame for some reason.

I used a little hook and chain to hang my black and white pictures on the inside of the old frame.

That is my dad, when he was a little boy.  Look at all that curly hair!  heehee

Here is the picture, facing forward, in the top left corner.  It's a beach scene.  It used to be hanging in my dining room wall gallery. 

I always look at the back of old pictures in thrift stores.  Sometime the back can be more interesting than the front.  What do you think?


  1. When I saw this I thought you might like the back side because it's a bit rustic looking and it goes inward so can be used as a shadow box. I like the family pics :) I've made a family/art wall too. I have one really cute picture of Jordan's (my husband) grandfather as a baby! He was cute as a button. Isn't it funny how we all like to see our "ancestors" when they were babies?

  2. How cool this is! I guess I didn't quite get it when you mentioned it that I see upclose I do. So creative! I love the chain too!

    Thank you for taking the time to post these pics!



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