Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moving Over To The Living Room

I thought I would get away from all the branches for a bit, and show you a few snipets of what I have been doing in the living room.

I found this little chair at a thrift store for $2.  It's sitting beside my DIY'd storage cabinet, with a basket of twigs and branches sitting in front.  Ok, I guess I snuck a few branches in this post.

I love metal pails filled with firewood!

I collect boxes, trunks, and old suitcases.  I love the way they look all stacked up.

See the black and white framed pictures hiding in the back?  That is actually an old picture with an old wood frame, turned around backwards, with smaller black frames and black and white pictures hanging inside on a chain.

Just a few pictures today.  I will post the rest of the room tomorrow.

~Renew Redo~


  1. I had always wondered what was back there. I had noticed the clock, but didn't know what the rest was. I like the lamps :)I like that you put the link to your DIY project. I had actually been thinking of adding molding to the buffet I just did to make it look more modern and less country as well. It's also the reason I want to change the hinges, but I couldn't wait to start redoing it and figured I could make the changes later. Oh and I always love seeing your collection of suitcases. So much room for storage! I personally don't like to store too much in our garage since I like to have my car in there. It also helps me to not be a hoarder and really consider the things I buy. So I keep a lot of our accessories in suitcases and if I ever get to the point of no more space then there will just plain be no more space. Time to purge if I do want some new things or to stop. Are you choosy about the colors you buy? I saw a really nice red samsonite one for three dollars, but I don't have any red so I didnt get it. I guess I could paint it if I did get something that wasn't in a color I wanted....

  2. Nope not choosy! If it was $3, I'd be buying it! and then in the words of the famous Tim Gunn, I'd "Make It Work!" But I love red anyway so... :)

  3. lol I'll be going back. There were a couple of other things I saw I wanted too, but sometimes I'm in the I won't buy anything mood and so I talk my way out of everything. The stuff I look for usually doesn't move that quickly and is there the next time I go. :) We'll see :)

  4. I really like your style! I have a collection of boxes/suitcases too. They're so fun to stack and decorate with. I think they give such a lived in, warm look.
    I'm emailing you the link to the tree slice stands.
    I would love to see a close up of the pics/frames hanging on the chain back the chain idea!



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