Friday, December 2, 2011

Drive-By Christmas Lights

Every night, from the night after Thanksgiving on, my husband and I grab a coffee and drive around looking at all the Christmas lights as they begin to go up.  Every night there is something new.  We listen to Christmas music and sing along like crazy people (no joke) Falalala la lala la laaaaaaaaaa, and a lot of blah, blah, blahs (when we don't know the words).  But anyway, it's tons of fun!  Here are some of the outdoor lights that have gone up so far this year.


I think these are my favorite so far.  I love the polar bear.

People around here seem to be really getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  There seems to be way more over the top decorations this year already, than there was last year.  Loving it!  And, if anyone sees their house here... way to go, you rock, thanks for the show, and, MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS whichever you prefer. : )
Fa la la la laaaaa la la la laaaaaaaa

~Renew Redo~


  1. aaaw! Thanks so much for putting this up Sammy! It brings back so many memories! My sister and I use to do the same driving up and down A1A looking at all the houses and other neighborhoods. I would crank up Christmas music, roll down the windows and we'd sing away. lol People really do go over the top down there! I've done it here with my husband, but it's not the same at all. I've yet to see anyone really go all out. <3!!

  2. Lol I showed my husband so he could finally see what I was talking about. And I was like look some of these people have some of the snow men and things like that but I don't think it's tacky because they create whole worlds. They stay consistent with their theme. And he said "of course not because it's not bought from Wal Mart" hehe. Here you'll see like one random Blow up Santa or snow man in the front yard and it just looks tacky to me, but at the same time I'm like oooh they're trying! :)

  3. I have not seen anything like before i love your Christmas Decorations thank you for sharing this


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