Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coffee Table Makeover ~ Gone To The Wall

Hello everyone!  Here something I did a while ago and forgot to post about.  A coffee table experiment makeover, gone art piece.  I was using this thrift store coffee table (actually I think it was a yard sale) to experiment with when I first got my Rub n' Buff.  First it went gold, then it went.... not gold.  Here it was to start.  Basic and brown!

Then it went gold... and then I went tape happy.

After all that taping and rubbing and buffing.  Oh yeah this was done with Rub n' Buff, surprise, surprise!  I used several different colors.  Silver leaf, Gold leaf, Grecian gold, and European gold.
It ended up looking like this. 


But!  I didn't stop there...

Then I decided to take the legs off... and hang it on the wall!  You can see it better there right?!
The nice thing is I can easily put the legs back on and use it as a table anytime I'd like.  I'm a girl who likes options!!

How's that for dual functionality!  A 40" x 40" round, $5 piece of art!


~Renew Redo~


  1. OMG I love it! I too love things that can have more than one function--especially extra tables!!I see you hung it with a chain!! Really cool!

  2. that's awesome! super shiny awesome!! i'm so impressed.

    visiting from diyshowoff!

  3. That looks great! Love a piece that can function in a variety of ways!

  4. Hi - I'm over from DIYShowoff - this table/wall art is sooo neat! How creative. I'm following now just to learn more about this rub n' buff thing you talk about!

  5. Very cool what you did to the table using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff. We'll let our followers know on Facebook.

    1. I think Amaco should sponsor a Rub n' Buff give-away on my little blog here! I think my readers would loooove that! wink wink. : )


  6. LOVE all your projects! Lets be honest - I am heading out this weekend on the search for rub n buff!

  7. This piece turned out fabulously. Again no prep, no finish/sealer needed? This technique just keeps sounding better and better.
    Love the pattern too.


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