Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gone Are The Christmas Lights, But Not The Red...Living Room Redo!

Well, back to blogging after a few lazy days, a very happy New Year's Eve, and a very MAJOR New Year's Day headache!  Ringing in the new year with a bottle couple of bottles of bubbly seems so fun and festive at the time but wowzer I felt like Elmer Fudd, from Buggs Bunny, the next day, but without the hunting rabbits part!  Just....SHHHHHH! BE VEWY VEWY QUIET, . I think someone ran over my head while I was sleeping!  So anyways!  Hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve as well!

A strange thing happened this year, I started taking down my Christmas decorations right after Christmas.  That's strange for me... I'm usually a leave them up till March kind of girl.  But this year I felt like ripping the band-aid off quickly.  I always miss the lights and sparkle when the decorations come down, but they have to come down sometime.  Otherwise you get a letter in the mail from your homeowners association saying... Please remove the giant wreath from the front of your house it's March already! (True story)

I did leave a bunch of red accents in the room in place of all my lights (my version of Christmas decoration withdrawal prevention).  I haven't posted any photos of my living room progress in a while so here it is now to start the new year!  The red will be going bye bye from this room as the weather warms up!  For now it makes it more cozy and helps lessen the blow of all the Christmas decorations going away.

This room is full of a lot of the projects I have posted about in the past.  That's my Silver Leafed pot used as a side table.  That's real Silver Leaf and not my Rub n' Buff.  I didn't know about Rub n' Buff when I did the pot... too bad because it would have been a lot faster and less expensive too!  Then there is my nailhead trim desk, my metallic gold ottoman, and my little loveseat I recovered.  Oh and the big square mirror in the picture above.  I haven't posted about that yet, but will soon.  You need to see it up close to really appreciate it.

Tonight we are supposed to get a hard freeze... 28 degrees... I live in Florida... what the heck is up with that.  I went out in the yard and cut as many pretty things from the garden as I could because it will all be dead tomorrow, or smushed from the blankets.  Here are some of my cuttings on the table.

That shelving stand in the background was in pieces when I found it at a yard sale.  It cost me $3.  I put it back together and shined it up with gold Rub n' Buff and now look at it!

A few more dashes of red.

So there it is.  Still feels a little like the holidays, but not so obvious.
So how long do you leave your holdiday decorations up?  Do you miss them when they are gone... or just happy to get things back to normal?


~Renew Redo~


  1. That room is awesome!!! First time I've seen it and I absolutely love it! Yes, I take my Christmas down pretty quickly, like the day after, and I always feel a little bummed when I do. But I do like getting back to normal (I put everything up the day after Thanksgiving, so really, it's time). Can't wait to scour your blog O.o

  2. Oh! Thanks for posting this! I love seeing your progress :) It's true it doesn't look like like too much gold and silver despite all your projects :) It's pretty evenly distributed :) <3

  3. Thanks Kelli!! Yay! scour away!!
    : )

  4. Hey Sandy! I know, isn't that crazy? There are even a few more "gone gold" projects in that room that I haven't even posted about or mentioned yet, like the little chair beside the desk. Guess you just can't have too much gold!!! Smiles!! Oh and thanks for the dinner pics!!! YUMMY

  5. You're welcome Sammy :) Looking at this again I was like that's right you thrifted that sofa! I still can't believe that amazing find!!!! I just love all the furniture you've found :)

  6. i wait until 7th day after three kings so tomorrow my stuff comes down and what i always miss the most is the christmas tree lights tonight will be my last night to enjoy untill next yr
    love your living room looks great

  7. Thank your for your great ideas! i was looking for easy to do Christmas Decorations


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