Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mirror Redo... Metallic Faux Gator

In my last post, I mentioned my mirror that got a makeover.  This was a quick and easy makeover.  My favorite kind.  I think I found this mirror at a Homegoods/Marshall's store or some place like that.  It's faux leather which was pretty obvious in black.  It has an alligator skin texture to it that you couldn't really see.  But's screaming I'm a metallic alligator leather mirror (with no actual gators harmed!)

Here it was

Here it is now.

And a close up

It's a mix of gold leaf and silver leaf Rub n' Buff and then framed with nailhead trim!
Told you it was easy!  I might go back and add a little more gold to it... we'll see how that plays out.

Oh and speaking of nailhead trim check out this pic.

Check out that black chest of drawers clad in gold nailhead trim!  I haven't painted anything black in years.  Matter of fact, I tend to take things that are black and lighten them up.  Hence my mirror makeover, but that was mainly because the black faux leather looked kind of cheap. I don't have a single piece of black furniture in my house. This piece is making me rethink that!!  I love that wallpaper too!  How fun is that?!

How about you?  Got any black furniture pieces?


~Renew Redo~


  1. OH MY! I <3 what you did to that mirror! It looks so much more expensive! I don't have any black furniture and I don't think I will be doing one any time soon. I do like them though :)

  2. Good ole Rub n' Buff to the rescue! : )
    I'm not sure if I will be or not. I do like the contrast!

  3. oops. ignore my request for the email subscription-thingy. i found it via "subscribe".

    the wallpaper is amazing and so is the chest! where did you find that pic???

    off to do my word verification....

    1. Glad you found the email subsrition-thingy! Thanks, I got the pic from a Flea Market a couple of years ago!


  4. I have black accents through out and just painted my doors black to pull it all together. I love them and it was so worth the effort. My neighbor came down and saw them and she painted hers the next week.
    Love that dresser and your mirror makeover was genious!


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