Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Sneak Peek ~ Window Seat

Ok I'm back and ready to get my "post" on!  I mentioned in my last post that I was in the middle of redoing a bedroom for a lovely lady who was wanting a whole new look.  Good news... I'm just about done.  Here is a sneak peak of part of the room.  This was a great bedroom space to start with, complete with a roomy window seat and 10' high ceilings.  Here was the window seat area when I first saw the room. 

Here is the direction the room is headed.  The wall color was a light green before, and has now been changed to a very soft gray/blue  "Fragile Blue" by Valspar.  It has a very calm and soothing feeling.  Perfect for a bedroom.  The room is going to blues, grays, silvers, and a few other accent colors thrown in for good measure. Sorry about the glare coming from the window in the next picture... still working on those shots.

See the curtains?  I made those using metallic fabric paint and a stencil.  I'll be posting more on these later.  They have such a pretty sheen to them.  When I was looking for fabric for the room, I found a linen fabric with a metallic treatment that cost about $45 a yard.  WOWZAS!  I figured I could duplicate the look for less than half the price.  Actually I think these turned out better because my inspiration fabric had a small metallic pattern that repeated throughout the fabric which I feared may look busy on a large scale.  Doing the metallic treatment myself I could go with a much larger stencil and match it exactly to the stencil being used elsewhere in the room... Yep, another metallic wall stencil is lurking just around the corner.

Lots more to come!  Stay tuned for the full room reveal...

Sneak peek over.
~Renew Redo~


  1. Nice job! Did you also do the cushion fabric? I'm going to be making a box cushion for a window seat that we've just about finished building. I've barely used my sewing machine and that was years ago so this should be interesting! :)

    P.S. They've been cutting down trees along the road I commute each day and every single day I'm thinking of you and your coffee table!

  2. I did do the cushion cover.. and the pillows. My sewing machine almost got thrown out the window a couple of times though. lol The back of the cushion is shaped like a T, it fits back into the window, and was no fun to sew! Good luck with your cushion. GO FOR STRAIGHT LINES! : )

    Sammy ~Renew Redo


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