Monday, March 5, 2012

Brass And Glass ~ Flea Market Finds!

Hello all!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately but I'm in the process of redoing a bedroom from start to finish.  There will be lots of projects coming soon, including an 8' tall upholstered head board... AMAAAAAZING! and lots of other little projects, like metallic stenciled curtains, another metallic wall stencil (this time in silver) and a lot of other little odds and ends.  Hopefully I will have it all done by the weekend, and can start sharing all the "how to's" sometime next week. 
In the meantime I thought I would share a few of my flea market finds from this past weekend.  Lots of brass and glass.  I think it looks so pretty together.  Here are some of the things I found.

Look at all the goodies! 

What am I doing with them you ask.  Remember that DIY cabinet I made with the Rub n' Buff stripes?  I thought they'd be perfect there.  Here are a few pics.

~Renew Redo~

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