Monday, April 9, 2012

Age Old Stencil ~ How To

The stencil is all donezo!  I wanted it to look aged and soft.  Not an "in your face" kind of stencil.

Here was the wall before. 

I used two different stencils for this wall.  Here is one of the stencils.  It's from Innovative #1008.  They have the best prices on stencils I have come across so far. 

Here is the other one.  Also from Innovative #1015.  I really love the look of this one.

I used the two stencils together to create my own design.  Just kind of winged it on that part.
I taped the stencil to the wall and used a roller to paint over it.  Bing, bang, boom...easy!

Here is how it looked after I finished the first round of stenciling.  I let that dry overnight. Then I used a wet cloth and the color "Cuban Plaza" (Valspar) to wash over the top of the stencil. 

Just dip your wet (damp) cloth into the paint and rub it onto the wall in small circular motions. I wanted some of the base coat color to show through so I just did a light coat of the "Cuban Plaza" color.  Looks like this when you're done.

Then the final step.  Put your stencil back on the wall over top of the previous stencil (line up the stencil over the old one). I just went back over a few of the stencils, here and there, not all of them.  Add a small amount of your stencil paint color to one side of your paint tray, and add a small amount of your top coat (wash) color to the other side of the same tray.  So you have two colors in your tray.  Then use a roller to apply the two colors at the same time over the stencil.  It will look like this...

Still soft looking.  And that's pretty much it!  Hope all that made sense. Oh and, I painted a 12" boarder around the stenciled wall, to frame the bed area, and all the other walls in the room a cream color,  "Sunset Nude" (Valspar) sounds perfect for a bedroom doesn't it! HA!

Isn't it crazy how much difference a can or two of paint can make?

~Renew Redo~



  1. Something is bugging me from that point of view and I realized it's because I don't see the wall color as clearly repeated as it is in the first picture where you also have the coral chair. Although I'm sure that color is also in the rug and I'm sure in real life it doesn't feel that way since cameras don't ever capture the way our eyes see things. Other than that it seems like a really relaxing, comfy, soothing space :)

    1. Yeah, you're right the camera does lose some of the depth and true color of the wall. Maybe I just need to get better at taking pictures! heehee I'm working on it though! : )

      Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  2. I just found your blog today-you've got talent girl. I wasn't so sure about this by the first... secomd... or even third picture in the post. But, oh my gosh. It turned out beautifully! I think the 12 inch border around the outside is genious, and the complimenting colors in the bedding and rug look fantastic. The only think I don't love are the night stands, but if this is on a tight budget, they'll do. I actually like the matchy-match of the wood tone to the floor because it grounds the stenciled wall. Just if they were only taller without the strange glass top part. Anyway, you did a great job! -- Nikki

  3. What is the main wall color? I am redoing a room for my mother to come live with me. This would be ideal.


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