Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Entryway Still Going But Almost Finished!

Well, I say "almost finished" but is any room ever really finished.... probably not.... at least not around my house anyway!  I thought while I'm working on my last slicpcover "how to" post (the sectional...which is taking me a while) I'd give you an update on my entryway (again), which is one of my most favorite areas to "futz" around with. ("futz" code for,  f-ing around with something, even if it was fine the way it was! ~ just so ya know) .   Here's where I'm at in the entryway.  Last time I posted about it, it looked like this on one side.  Click here to see that post I had plans for the blue desk and bench to go in another room eventually, and they've finally made it there, so a little rearrange was in order.

But if you really want to go back to when this whole look started, back before the Rub n' Buff even, here it was.

Here it is now.  I've been wanting to do more red and white in this area.  I think it looks so pretty with the gold Rub n' Buff stenciled walls.

the details,

The other side of the room will be coming soon.  Working on a little DIY project over there! 
What cha think?


~Renew Redo~


  1. Love everything about it, especially the chest!

  2. Just amazing!!! The white chairs next to the dark cabinet-Wow!
    Love the lamp with the black shade. Love it all!

  3. It's all coming together beautifully, Sammy! Nice job. Love the chairs you added.


  4. Wow, love that big A@@ art, and the neutral chairs too! Very pretty.

    Finding Fabulous

  5. Just gorgeous! Your entryway looks like right out of a magazine!

  6. You make it all look so effortlessly. Just gorgeous! Warm, inviting and just a touch of.glamour.


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