Friday, November 9, 2012

Kitchen Nook ~ Breaking It Down!

Switching gears.  Remember my breakfast nook? 

This is my favorite color combo, gold, silver, black, and white!  All neutrals!  
 I finally finished all the chairs.   Here they were when I found them.

I love the style of these chairs with the sloping arms.  
They were in pretty bad shape, and they definitely needed to be recovered!

I always have a hard time getting a picture of this area.  All the windows blow out my pictures!   What's that called in photography lingo... over exposure or some such ish.   The window's don't help with the pictures but I do love how all the light bounces off the metallic finishes in the room.  I love this space!

So here are the details:

  • The walls ~ white with a gold metallic stencil.  I used Gold Leaf Rub n' Buff for the stencil and I bought the stencil here.  The stencil width is 14" (16" tall) placed randomly on the wall.

  • The table used to be a planter.  It used to look like this (below).  I silver leafed (the sheets) it, and added a glass top and it was good to go.  One of a kind!

  • The chairs I found at a thrift store.  They used to look like this (below).  I used Silver Leaf Rub n' Buff on those and recovered the seats in gold velvet with a platinum velvet cording.  Here is another look at those.

Metallic metallic metallic!  How do you like it?

~ Renew Redo ~


  1. beautiful. you have such great taste. i am a new follower of your blog. just wondering why you decided to repaint the wall white. i have a tiffany blue wall in the home office and am thinking of stencilling it with a damask gold like you did on the previous wall. keep posting. nikki w

  2. love love love... you know i'm your biggest fan! and i love you update to the blog! coolest ever! I'm hoping things slow down for me and I can get to work on a couple of projects :o)

  3. Klismos style chairs!!!. I love them. been trying to find a vintage set myself.

  4. You know I love this and have from the getgo. Did I get a peek of littlegreenlampshades? I promise I was not picture stalking! ;)

  5. Love, love, love it!!! I would never think to do gold velvet with platinum velvet cording. Amazing, again. Thanks.

  6. It looks great! - I love your chandelier too!


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