Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update On A Dining Room Makeover!

Happy weekend friends!  The last time I posted about this dining room makeover (you can see that here) it was just about done.  Here's a little reminder of what the room looked like to start.

I had really been wanting and having no luck finding vintage candelabras.  Which seems to be the way it works, you can see things all the time everywhere you look, then the moment you really want it and go out looking, POOF! U can't find nothing! (<---bad grammar intended)  But, finally we found a couple smaller ones.  I just love them, they feel like old school glam to me... I have no idea what that means (old school glam) but that's the best way to describe how they make me feel when I look at them, and by them I mean candelabras in general.  

Mirror, glass, brass, and black... just a few of my favorite things!  There's a song in there somewhere, I think...
(and a crooked arse lampshade... dang it!)  

I was going for drama, and sexy, and moody, so the ceiling was painted uber dark.  A plum almost black color.  It's fantabulous at night if I do say so myself with all the candle light.  Plus the rope lighting tucked behind that crown moulding.

Still on the look out for vintage sconces... but,
all in all, a pretty simple and inexpensive makeover (except for the chandelier), yielding a pretty dramatic difference, I think.
Just new paint on the walls and ceiling, recovering the existing chairs in grey velvet fabric with a complimentary fabric on the back (it has metallic gold running through it, ahhhhh, so pretty).
Then lots of sparkly accessories, scored for a bargain at thrift stores, flea markets and the like. (Except for the gold candlesticks in the center of the table.)  
And the details in case you were about to ask:
The paint color on the walls is Silver Spoon by Valspar.  It has purple undertones, pretty!
The ceiling paint color is Purple Basil D41-6 by Olympic
The gold candlesticks in the center of the table are from Neiman Marcus.
Art on the wall by me.
Chandelier here. (ouch)
The dining table and chairs, not sure, bought by homeowners 18 years ago.
Everything else... vintage/thrifted

~Renew Redo!~


  1. love! the fabric on the chairs is awesome :)

  2. Love it all! Your art is gorgeous. The chandelier is great and the grey velvet is killing me!
    I found a pair of candlebras, have no where to put them, put I do go out to the garage and look at them all the time.

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