Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall / Thanksgiving Table Setting Decoration


One of my favorite things to do is decorate the dinner table.  I don't know why, I just enjoy it.  I think it's back to that instant gratification I have mentioned before.  My latest Fall / Thanksgiving table setting is,

I used the basic fall colors for my color scheme.  Yellow, green, and orange.  I layered my tablecloths.  The bottom cloth is green and then a white cloth on top.  I tied all four corners up with a yellow ribbon.  You don't see a whole lot of the green tablecloth, it mainly just hangs out from under the white cloth on the corners. Even though you can't see what I'm talking about at all in the picture above! 

I used my little settee on one side of the table for seating, and two wood backed chairs on the opposite side

I used a wicker like wood table runner down the center of the table, and then this year seems to be my year for decorating with paper, so I added a few strips of Thanksgiving oriented words, and thoughts, around the table as well. To make the strips, I used Microsoft Office Word, typed up a few lines then changed the font and size of the lines.  I used black and orange for the colors of the words, then printed them off and cut them into strips with zigzag scissors.

I used unripened oranges and pine cones in a wooden bowl in the center of the table.  I used the unripened oranges because we have a tree in the back yard, but lemons and limes would work just as well.

 I went back and added the paper strips around the glasses, and tied them with raffia.  Just a pretty little detail.  You could also put your guests names on the paper, and use them as place cards.  I used a cream colored parchment paper because it's thicker and more sturdy.


~Renew Redo~


  1. Awwwhhh, I love this!

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