Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ghostly Night Out

In the spirit of Halloween, I made several little ghosts out of pillow cases and foam balls.  Then stuck metal rods in my plant containers to suspend the ghosts in the air.  The foam ball for the ghost's head just sits on top of the the metal pole.  In the candle light, you can't see the poles and the ghosts look like they are floating.

To make the ghost, I placed a foam ball at the sewn end of a pillow case then used a piece of white yarn to tie the pillow case closed under the foam ball.  Cinching the pillow case closed under the ball creates the arms of the ghost.  Then I used black plastic beads with stick pins for the eyes and mouth.

Boo- tiful!  Fun for an outdoor dinner party!


~Renew Redo~

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