Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glass Plate Tri-Level Cupcake Stand & Mason Jar Chandelier

Glass plate cupcake stands,  from glasses and plates.  Yet another thing yard sales are great for.  Really cheap glasses and plates, and you don't need a complete set.  A glass lid with no problem!  Only 5 cents really!!! Sold.  Just a little reenactment of my yard sale experience.

Super easy, and great looking!  You need three different size plates, small, medium, and large.  And, you need three glasses, one tall, and the other two shorter.  I always use the tallest glass on the bottom, then goes the largest plate, then another glass, then the medium plate, then another glass, then the smallest plate.  You get the picture.  Use glue made for glass on the bottom of each glass before you set the plates to make the platter secure. 

I also used mason jars for lamp shades on the chandelier.  Then I hung a few strands of crystal looking beads at the bottom of the chandelier to dress it up a bit. Makes a neat look!  Seems perfect for Thanksgiving for some reason.

Then I set the glass lids upside down on top of a couple of jars and filled the lids with coffee beans and tea light candles.  Smells good and looks pretty!


~Renew Redo~

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  1. How did you secure the mason jars in your chandelier? Was it temporary only so they are just sitting on there? Thank yo :)


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