Sunday, December 11, 2011

Before and After, Paint and Rub n' Buff

Hello all!  Surprise, surprise, I'm still playing around with my Rub n' Buff wax.  Well, I guess I should say, was still playing around with it.  I just ran out, so I am waiting for more to arrive.  Here is another quick 'before and after' using my Rub n' Buff wax and paint.  My DIY'd storage unit got a makeover.  Here it was before (Click here to see the original post for how it was put together. Excuse the pictures, they were before I got my new camera.)


Here it is now.

I used Rub n' Buff colors, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, and European Gold, on the back in random stripes.  It was applied over white paint.

Then I used a mixture of the three colors to highlight the mouldings.

Look what else I have in the works!  A wall stencil... yep... with Rub n' Buff.  This stuff looks amazing on the walls.  It glistens as the light moves around over it throughout the day.  Here is a sneak peak.  I'll post the full reveal as soon as it's finished.  (As soon as my Rub n' Buff gets here!)


~Renew Redo~


  1. OMG You have done wonders with rub n buff!!! I <3 how you customized your furniture piece!! And that wall is AWESOME!!! :) So creative and talented you are :) :) Did you notice a difference in putting rub n buff over paint compared to over wood? Either way it looks nice but there is this difference I've noticed...better over wood :)

  2. Oh I just realized you've only teased us with the coffee table and a chair too :-p

  3. The coffee table is pretty much done, but took a totally different direction from what I originally intended to do. That will be posted soon. The chairs are almost done. I'm doing 6 of them, so those will be up soon too!!

  4. I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to follow back. My most recent post also featured Rub'n Buff!!! I love that stuff.


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