Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Metallic Gold Ottoman Redo

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!  Now that I'm stuffed to the gills with Christmas cheer and cookies, I'm back to being amazed by my Rub n Buff stuff!  Are you tired of hearing about this stuff yet?  Hope not, cuz I gots lots more projects on the way!  My newest discovery is... this stuff works like a charm on....LEATHER.  Can you believe it?!  I was so excited I did a little dance.  I turned one of my boring old leather ottomans into glamtastic eye candy!  I mean really, who couldn't use a metallic gold ottoman!

Here it was before

And... here it is now!

The ottoman even had some small scratches in the leather on the top, but you'd never know it now!

Isn't it cool!  The color I used is called Grecian Gold, but I prefer to call this pretty little puppy GUCCI GOLD!  Just sounds better to me for some reason.... I don't know why??

I have another ottoman just like this one, that is about to get the same treatment! 
Next up... a desk, 6 dining chairs, and a coffee table, all rubbed and buffed and on the way!  You'd think that my house would be starting to look like it's gilded in gold and silver but it doesn't, although, I do think my husband might be worrying that with my slight Rub n Buff addiction he may wake up one morning looking like this

Or like this... if he woke up wearing a suit.  Doesn't he look terrified?...or constipated!   Love that one.  HEEHEE


~Renew Redo~



  1. Wow! You're really taking advantage of rub n buff! I can't wait to see how it all looks together although I'm sure it will take a while to finish all the projects.

  2. This project is totally being bookmarked and pinned! Seriously it's like a big version of the great poufs that are on the market! So glad I found ya!

  3. LOVE this! saw this on Amaco's FB page- I would love to share this on mine as well if that's ok! :) New follower and fellow Rub n Buff fan! he he!

  4. Fabulous! Does it need to be sealed or does it dry like paint? Thanks to your blog Rub n Buff is about to become my new best friend.

  5. I saw this on before and after and you did a great job! I am so going to do this, thanks for sharing!

  6. So good! I am just wondering if it will rub off if someone sits on it. I just got a couple tubes of Rub n' Buff, and it seems like it needs something to seal it. What would you use on leather??? Thanks for all your inspirational projects!

    1. Hey there! I haven't had any problems with it rubbing off when sitting on it. You just have to buff it well, with a cloth. I just did another ottoman in turquoise. I'll be posting that soon. I haven't had any problems with that rubbing off either. Hope that helps.

  7. Hello! I featured your ottoman makeover in my monthly blog series, Get Your Color On!. Each month I select a color, provide tips on how to decorate with it, and feature other bloggers with their projects that relate to this color.

    This month’s post is all about silver and gold, so I featured your project because I love how you gave this ottoman a new life and lots of pizzazz! I never would've known Rub n Buff could be used on leather if it weren't for you!

    Feel free to grab a featured button and check out my post at Get Your Color On! Silver & Gold. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!


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